Benefits to Educational institutions / Medical colleges & Associations

  • MFCME Subsidies can be avail by educational institutions / medical colleges that do Live CME, Live Surgeries and workshops on various specialities and super-specialities. As educational institutions are purely focused on wide spreading education CME’s and conferences are very frequent activity they can save upon huge cost of transmission
  • Medical colleges can showcase and promote various facilities available at their institution. They can not only interact with locations but also invite other colleges online as a viewer for live broadcast.
  • Enabling high quality education thereby having favourable outcomes in the future, for medical tourism, education and bi-lateral relationships between nations.
  • Medical Educational institutions can reach till rural areas using this technology. They can conduct live sessions, conferences and workshops to educate more medical professionals without inviting them in campus.

Case Study: Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) benefitted through Live Broadcast to worldwide audience

Grant recipient: Armed Force Medical College, Pune

Date of Execution: 13th Sept 2014


  • Live broadcast of session to doctors across the globe
  • Customized viewer experience
  • Consolidated registration data and per viewer report

Case Details:

AFMC needed to have live broadcast of interactive surgery along with tracking of each viewer having details like contact details, country, IP, time spent to view broadcast etc. MFCME team provided all their requirements within short stipulated time.