Our Services

Publicity Services

Email Newsletters:
•        Through the MFCME  initiative, in order to promote the Live Workshops and Scientific studies during a conference, MFCME News Letters are mailed to all the members of the Association.
•        All the members including the members abroad, are informed about the proceedings, through MFCME servers.

Notification through interim Short  Uni-Coding Message:
•        The server has a provision, which sends recent updates, of the schedules to the desired recipients. This keeps them informed about the recent happenings during the sessions.

Social Networking Platform:
•        With an agenda to help the Congress/ Conference in going a step ahead, social networking platform is used by the promotion team.  The agenda is to reach various medical groups keen in education, and bringing them under one roof during the session.

•        To create a proper positioning of Conference through the internet, our design team helps in a proper branding of Conference/Congress on web. This helps directly in making aware, the  related medical professional  about the detail proceedings.  During the live Broadcast the viewer page is branded with logos of Congress to create a positive impact amongst the Professionals who are viewing the conference.

Technical Services

Our technical services includenot only the MFCME setup but also technical expertise, experienced operators and suggestions to improvise viewer experience.

High Quality Setup - includes:

  • MFCME Live Transmission Unit – HD
  • Live Video Encoder
  • Live Audio-Visual Soft Mixer (for PIP & Effects)
  • Live Media Recorder
  • High Definition Camera – External
  • Standard High Resolution Camera
  • Tripod Stand with Bird Eye Viewing angle setup
  • Multi-Input HD Converter and Upscaler
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation unit (in-built)
  • Wireless Mic with Receiver for OT
  • Long distance HD & SD Cables
  • Range Extenders and Joiners
  • Display Monitor
  • Additional Accessories, AV Connectors & Converters

Expert Technical Team:
Our expert team helps you in capturing the best part of your live CME workshops, Surgeries and procedures. We do hundreds of CME every year which includes both interactive and non-interactive transmission. We have technical expertise where we can suggest you best possible arrangements in your existing setup.

Customized Viewer Experience
For National and International conferences and quality CME we not only provide customized viewer experience but also integrate services like automated emails, payment gateway integration etc.

Highly Scalable CDN and Array of Servers
We maintain Highly Scalable CDN and Array of Servers to give maximum uptime and scalability to thousands of viewers online. This not only ensures smooth delivery of your live transmission but also maintains high availability of infrastructure and almost zero chances of server failure. Thus, ensuring best high quality transmission in an ongoing session.

Any device availability of broadcasts
Your live broadcast is not just limited to Desktop or Laptop, we make it reachable to various OS including Tablets, Smart phones and everywhere. This ensures the most technological advantage and maximum reach to your viewers.

Remote Support:
We perform remote testing of locations in advance to ensure proper execution of the session.Our Back-office team provides remote support in case if any technical help is required while interaction or live broadcast session.

Back-office Services

Back Office Support:

Proper Allocation of team and coordination with the members for proper execution of the transmission involved in Conference/Workshop is taken care through the Back office Support staff.

Report & Viewer Log:
Reports of visitors participating in broadcast
Detailed log including user information & IP address etc.

Recording of Session:
On demand recording of Live CME/ Surgery is being provided for later viewing. 150 GB of built-in storage is provided in every MFCME equipment.

Allocating Subsidies:
Team here is responsible to provide the Grant recipient, time to time updates about the allocation of the subsidies for the sessions they have applied for. These services are frequently required for Case to Case grant recipient.Apart from this, back office team is responsible for guiding the Grant recipient through proper application process.

Getting Proper Inputs: Whenever a session is planned by any Institution/Association, the back office team helps in getting a proper pre-implementation feedback, which helps the technical team to get a proper idea about the technical requirements.