Back-office Services

Back Office Support:

Proper Allocation of team and coordination with the members for proper execution of the transmission involved in Conference/Workshop is taken care through the Back office Support staff.

Report & Viewer Log:
Reports of visitors participating in broadcast
Detailed log including user information & IP address etc.

Recording of Session:
On demand recording of Live CME/ Surgery is being provided for later viewing. 150 GB of built-in storage is provided in every MFCME equipment.

Allocating Subsidies:
Team here is responsible to provide the Grant recipient, time to time updates about the allocation of the subsidies for the sessions they have applied for. These services are frequently required for Case to Case grant recipient.Apart from this, back office team is responsible for guiding the Grant recipient through proper application process.

Getting Proper Inputs: Whenever a session is planned by any Institution/Association, the back office team helps in getting a proper pre-implementation feedback, which helps the technical team to get a proper idea about the technical requirements.