Publicity Services

Email Newsletters:
•        Through the MFCME  initiative, in order to promote the Live Workshops and Scientific studies during a conference, MFCME News Letters are mailed to all the members of the Association.
•        All the members including the members abroad, are informed about the proceedings, through MFCME servers.

Notification through interim Short  Uni-Coding Message:
•        The server has a provision, which sends recent updates, of the schedules to the desired recipients. This keeps them informed about the recent happenings during the sessions.

Social Networking Platform:
•        With an agenda to help the Congress/ Conference in going a step ahead, social networking platform is used by the promotion team.  The agenda is to reach various medical groups keen in education, and bringing them under one roof during the session.

•        To create a proper positioning of Conference through the internet, our design team helps in a proper branding of Conference/Congress on web. This helps directly in making aware, the  related medical professional  about the detail proceedings.  During the live Broadcast the viewer page is branded with logos of Congress to create a positive impact amongst the Professionals who are viewing the conference.