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Subsidies for Medical Conferences, Live Surgeries, Live Procedures, Live CME Activities


For Medical Conferences & CME     For Medical Colleges & Institutions         

Continual medical education is an indispensable feature of the practice of modern medical fraternity since it furnishes the means to maintain the doctor's ability to provide quality patient care. The fields of medicine and science never stop moving forward—and neither should the medical professionals. 

MFCME grants are an effort to help the medical professionals in doing continuing medical education and thereby extending the scope of medical education. With a focus of spreading professional medical education, showcasing infrastructure and talent of India worldwide, in the medical fraternity.

MFCME is a grant of subsidies, which has been identified and proposed for providing a 3rd generation, Hi-tech equipment in High Definition for specific reasons. Grant is allocated in terms of setting up complete Watchwitz MFCME HD System with audio visual equipments for conducting live transmission of Surgeries, Procedures, CME's and Conferences


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Mostly we recommend medial associations and hospitals to first apply for a case to case basis grant, because of the simple reason that they are looking for maximizing reach alongside saving money through these subsidies during their yearly conferences.

Although the subsidies offered are subject to fund availability even then if the subsidies are offered the prices turn out to be way lesser without compromise on quality.

As our mandate of providing these subsidies are to spread education, we cater to all the requirements of transmissions and webcasting required in a CME and a medical workshop. The transmission requirements are generally:

  • Connecting multiple OT’s in various country wide locations to a single venue in 2 way communication.
  • Connecting one OT to multiple receiving locations nationally and worldwide.
  • One way webcast for up to 1000 viewers
  • Combination of all of the above



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Grants for medical colleges and institutions are those where you have regular CME sessions and hence for such applicants the subsidies offered are more compared to one time subsidy for medical conference and CME.

Some applicants have upgraded and committed to education and have applied to these grants because of the obvious advantages in case they plan to educate periodically and regularly.

If grant is approved, subsidy in conducting live sessions will be provided on predefined booked dates as a grant after registration process, while medical colleges and institutions will need to contribute only subsidized fees in every session under this initiative. This equipment:

  • Allows 1 hall, anywhere in the world, to connect with interaction
  • Can open an open live broadcast to Internet for up to 1000 people (non-interactive), worldwide to view.

Looking at the requirements and limitations in the medical fraternity to spread specialized education to fellow doctors or upcoming doctors. This grant is aimed at the following specific usages.

  • Education of fellow doctors, and upcoming doctors
  • Spreading cost effective and better ways to treat a patient
  • Access to specialists in different fields for rural people
  • Increase in the quality of the doctors and medical colleges and institutions 
  • Cost effective and virtual way to spread knowledge

Once setup is ready you can start conducting live broadcasts of operations, surgery and procedures including two-way interactive sessions.