Showcase Skills

Looking at the requirements and limitations in the medical fraternity to spread specialized education to fellow doctors or upcoming doctors there was need of a platform through which this all of this could be obtained. MFCME is platform which not only is useful to teach fellow doctors or students but also can be used to diagnose & treat patients without being bothered of the geographical limitations.

Aim of MFCME

  1. Education of fellow doctors, and upcoming doctors
  2. Spreading cost effective and better ways to treat a patient
  3. Access to specialists in different fields for rural people
  4. Increase in the quality of the doctors and hospitals

What is the purpose behind MFCME:
Online CME learning is a unique medium for learners to apply and reinforce their clinical knowledge to standardized patient scenarios. Often referred to as “virtual patient case studies,” online CME learning encourages active problem solving by immersing the learner in a clinical decision process surrounding a specific issue or condition (e.g., staging of breast cancer). The learner is introduced to a simulated patient presenting with a unique history and then navigates through the case to gather additional information, determine a differential diagnosis, and make treatment decisions. Throughout this customizable, self-paced learning environment, the learner is provided with feedback based upon empirical guidelines and expert commentary. The inclusion of rich media, such as video, audio, and animations, enhances the training experience and appeals to different styles of learning.

The equipment provided under MFCME is capable of taking inputs from all surgerical cameras available today in the market, so this helps teachers & learners in teaching advanced techniques to a greater & remote audience which was not possible before. The advantages of this platform are enormous.This will reduce the cost of learning in teaching drastically which is very important in a country like India where 1/3rd of the total population is below poverty line.

The MFCME platform will also help students & doctors to learn from the Biggies of their respective specialties whose single hour can change life of many.