Comparison MFCME installation & other hardware based solutions

Comparison MFCME installation & other hardware based solutions

MFCME setup includes inbuilt High Definition (HD) multiple input, digital mixer, echo cancellation system. It can take multiple surgical, laparoscopic, endoscopic, microscopic camera inputs. This includes all types of HD, SD, Digital, Analog inputs available in surgical devices using which complex surgeries are performed. Our expert team not only have experience of handling hundreds of CME’s & live surgeries throughout the year but also have knowledge of real-time video mixing & execution of live sessions. This is not possible with any ordinary hardware video conferencing device or even professional video mixing setup which occupies huge space.

Our implementations have been working flawlessly on normal high speed broadband internet & even on 3G/4G networks. There is a large list of success stories where the technology has proven to be not only best in quality but also very cost effective due to subsidized pricing for registered MFCME beneficiaries.



Video Communication on Fiber Optics

Hardware Conferencing Units

MFCME installation

Designed For

WITHIN CITY communication

Boardroom meeting and conferences between 2 locations

Conducting medical education, surgery, procedures, live CME WITHOUT GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATIONS

Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and all other camera inputs

Possible with different conversions, Separate mixes  foraidio and video and various other apparatus needed. SD setup is different than HD setup and HD setup is very costly

Limited for only camera input which comes in conferencing unit, mixers and other apparatus needed for multiple input

Direct multiple input to the system of HD and SD, inbuilt mixer and sound cancellation devices, inbuilt transmission system, plug and play..needs a space as small as a 3ft X 3ft table. Compact and mobile setup.

Interactive 5 Locations


Each connecting location required hardware conferencing units with dedicated leased line connectivity and MCU is a must, which is very costly

Each connecting location requires only PC/Laptop with broadband or 3G connection of 2 Mbps for interaction.

Geographical Limitations

Yes. Not possible to work across cities or countries



Uptime reliability

If the cable breaks..bringing it online may take hours

Dependent on internet..if disconnected needs 20 minutes to reconnect again.

Dependent on Internet, If disconnected reconnected in 3-4 Seconds

Downtime recovery Few hours in case if fiber optic cable is cut Low downtime Instant incase of internet disconnection.
Live broadcast Not Available. Additional 3rd party services required. Not Available 1000 One way viewers included (for live broadcast)
Scalability Not Available Not Available Available with our servers
Internet Connection requirement N.A. All Communication is done only through fiber optic cable link High speed dedicated leased line connection in all locations (costly) 2 MBPS internet connection (cost-effective)
Multiple Bit-rate support Not Available Not Available

Available in various bit-rate to provide enhanced user experience, from lower to higher bandwidth viewers.

Broadcast available on mobiles, tablets and PCs

In-person Technical support Available Not available Available
Cost Effective No No Yes
Recurring Cost Very High. Per day basis cost of fiber optics connectivity if distance is longer High (On leased line, static IP etc) Low connection costs. Works on 3G, 4G wireless connections too
Scalability to CDN Not Available Not Available Available (used only if required)
Password Protected broadcast Viewers Not Available Not Available Available in both formats (Protected / Open)
Plug-in for Website for viewers to see broadcast Not Available Not Available Yes (optional)
Customized Viewer experience Not Available Not Available Yes